My guitar has undergone pretty extensive modifications that may not be in jim's current arsenal. I have been very happy with what he did on the subbasses and the six string. After a little "fine tuning" the instrument sounds amazing. I have had the opportunity to play many harp guitars over the years and am very proud how my guitar compares. I really think that Jim's work is among the best I have ever played. I would not think about ever switching instruments. I recorded my first album with the Hewitt being the main instrument on all 12 songs. For more details and to hear my "First" album featuring my Hewett harp guitar please visit my site www.nineteenstrings.com


Jim is not only a fantastic craftsman with a great ear for tone, but he is a master repairman and restorer of vintage instruments as well. He is easy to work with and puts his client's needs first. Jim is one of the true remaining luthiers who creates his instruments by hand, with tried and true methodology."-Robin Weber, Guitar Gallery, Nashville, TN


Back in 2006 I undertook the laborious task of finding an instrument powerful enough to create a sonic range able to inspire harmonic complexity and new musical landscapes. I spent weeks looking at almost every stringed instrument known to man to come to the conclusion that only a harp guitar would be worth investing in. After a lot of research I came across with one of Jim’s very first harp guitars that came up for sale. It was a stunning Dyer style with a 5-string sub bass configuration. I made it clear to Jim that I would buy his harp guitar as long as he was willing to add different banks of super treble strings. I believe it was the first time he was asked to modify one of his harp guitars so radically. He embraced the project and after quite a bit of trial and error he managed to bring what I asked him to fruition. I don’t want to get into technical details here, the bottom line is that Jim was always there to listen, brainstorm ideas and communicate with me in a timely manner. He proved to me that he would always go beyond what he normally does and take chances to accommodate whatever crazy project gets thrown at him. As far as the quality of my harp guitar goes, it is a pleasure to look at and a joy to play. The tone that it produces –hands down the most important aspect of all, it is balanced and rich enough to keep me inspired and challenged for years to come. I have played many other high-end instruments in the past and no doubt that Hewett’s harp guitars shine right up there in that league.


I was looking for an instrument that would allow me to express my musical ideas. I found Jim's website while doing some research. There I saw a nine string guitar that he had designed for someone else. I reached out to Jim and explained what I was looking for and if he could make modifications to the example nine string shown on his site. Without hesitation Jim listened to what I had in mind and a short time later I had my beautiful Hewett nine string guitar. I am very pleased with my instrument. I hope you enjoy listening to and watching the video of my composition "A Nice Man" composed in honor of Jim.